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Valerie in San Diego as of Wednesday. Friday (yesterday) was a pro-d day so both girls not in school. Maggie and Molly at a sleep over on Thursday evening, at home last night, and on sleep overs tonight. Molly and I slept in the same bed the other night and 12 hours later I have her cold – it finally got me. uhg But I think she is now past the contagious stage as she barely has a sniffle. Needless to say the girls did not want to hang out with sick Dad.


Did way too much driving on Thursday as every one needed something they forgot or there was a last minute change etc. I was into Sechelt pretty much every hour between 2pm and 8pm. One of the unscheduled trips was to get our German friend to the bus so he can head out on his next adventure. He helped out quite a bit (around the house and at the Farm) and we enjoyed his company.

The planned dock repair went ahead on Friday.

img_20161021_130939 img_20161021_140733We were short on time as I had to get back to the Girls. But we found a way to get the ramp bracket secure enough for the winter (we hope). We carved out some of the styrofoam float so we could insert 4 thru bolts in. Optimally we would have done at least 9 of those and stuck more flotation in – but that will have to wait for another day.

img_20161021_140725img_20161021_151429I finalized the purchase of the Husqvarna UTV – including having them install a winch on the front. I really appreciated that they could drop what they were doing and get this done for me. I ‘moved’ it to Tillicum Marina on Friday evening – with some logistical help from a friend. I spent the Friday night suffering, and not sleeping! I even had a hot bath at 3am to try to find some comfort.

But the ‘show must go on’. So I was up at 7am and connected with a landing craft Captain and two helpers for the garbage removal. We took the UTV up to the Farm as we went.

img_20161022_090339We arrived at the Farm not knowing exactly how to efficiently get this stuff out or even if the UTV was going to be able to make it up the hill without the use of the winch. Fortunately; the UTV did a stellar job and eventually we sorted out the man power to create some kind of efficiency.

img_20161022_113020We moved the waste to the UTV, drove it down the hill where it was either dumped into the boat directly or indirectly from the beach. We topped it all off with the road trailer.

img_20161022_113242We only managed to get 2/3 of the pile down the hill. This was in part due to time and in part because the barge was reasonably full. One more trip will be needed in any case.

We then moved the waste from the boat to trailers/trucks and took it to the dump. We then offloaded it there. Yes – that is a lot of moving the stuff from ‘here to there’. The dump told me it was 2,000lbs worth of waste. This trip had 99% metal and plastic. Fortunately the dump fees were minimal (about $100) due to the type of material we dumped. Each helper was $100. The main cost will be the landing craft. The two machine (tractor and UTV) and our German friend – makes this project quite significant.

The plan now is to visit the Farm to improve/fix drainage ditchs on the road/trail up the hill and reattach a shock absorbing rope to the dock float. I will then take a month to do office/admin stuff. This will be some quick book keeping for immediate needs and then some Farm plan stuff – and then back to book keeping.


We had a pan-pan on Friday. I am volunteering for just about everything with SAR at the moment so I chimed in – but so did a boat load of others. In the end I did not go on the call. This was kind of frustrating as I was in my truck with my gear 100m from the SAR boat when the crew was decided (I happened to be driving by).

A call went out to for folks interested in some training for Friday night. I volunteered – but it was canceled due to lack of interest.

Girls, Farm


The WorkAway (from Germany) and I did ‘grounds work’ at the Farm.


Returned from the Farm. Took the girls (Maggie and 2 friends) to Ruby Lake for a swim. Molly did not want to come?? There were many people there (perhaps 50) so I decided to leave them there and head to Egmont to ‘kill’ a couple of hours. I am not good at ‘killing’ time. Chatted with a couple on a sail boat and realized we have some common interests. They needed a ride Langdale direction – so they hopped in. I picked up the girls and we all headed south to Sechelt. Dropped off new friends and took the girls home via Mac Donalds ice cream.



We have removed all of the, easy to get, inherited garbage from the Farm over the years we have been here. Now its time to go after the many piles (often overgrown) that are ‘up the hill’. Here is the pile we have gathered for the boat trip this weekend.

Removing this stuff, and even putting out the extra effort to dig it up, from a remote site – is a costly job.

Girls, Boat, Husqvarna, Farm, Coding


Girls to school, walks for Maisy, chickens fed – the usual start to the day (6am-9am). Some dance logistics in the evening. Valerie in San Diego for a week. No school tomorrow.


Silicon worked – no rain leaking in 🙂


Purchase made. Mechanic/seller sorting it for end of the day Friday. I hope to put into play at the Farm (for the garbage removal) this weekend.


Our German friend is now on his 3rd night at the Farm. I will join him again today – for a few hours of work – and then we will both return home. He is organizing the next leg of his adventure and will depart Friday. I left him my cell so he could use it as a wifi hot spot. Kinda lost without that phone as Valerie has her phone in San Diego.

Meeting today to sign some documents with the lawyer – company restructuring stuff.


Remaining time spent coding.

Girls, Coding, Farm, Boat


Got Molly (and friend) off to school bus. I returned to assist Maggie out-the-door. Found that Maggie had left something at school that I had to sign today – so drove into the village again – this time with Maggie. Returned home to walk the dog, feed the chickens and check the news.


Did a bit of coding this morning.


Started the work day by making an offer on a Husqvarna – seller mulling over the offer. Also gave a heads up to barge guy that a trip may be needed this weekend. Eventually headed out to the Farm where I spent the afternoon working with German friend on grounds clean up. The plan is to uncover the many piles of garbage (they are under bush in most cases) and move to a central location. The main event today was cutting up the old generator shed and getting it (most of it) into the metal pile. At this point it is completely gone but here is a picture part way done.

img_20161018_141052 img_20161018_153216The pile is already large enough for a boat load – looks like two boat loads will be required.

Also; our German friend is leaving us soon (before the weekend) so I am going to have to find 2 local day labourers.


Felt a bit restless late evening so I packed some gear down to the boat where I endeavored to seal up anything that could possibly be causing water to drip into the front of the boat. I will check for success when next we get a good rain.

Coding, Farm, Girls, SAR-12


I spent the morning coding. Nice to be blowing the dust off of the tool-chain.


I spent the afternoon at the Farm with our German friend. We did grounds work together. I came home for dinner while he stayed at the Farm. He is planning on a 3-day, 2-night stay there. I will visit each day to work with him on the grounds work.

Hope to purchase a used Husqvarna HUV tomorrow. Something like;

This can be used to take stuff up/down the hill as the Morrison Trail Builder digs up the road/trail too much to be doing frequent trips up/down the hill. The tentative plan is to;

  • complete building single garbage pile beside the road/trail (up the hill)
  • barge up the Husqvarna
  • use the Husqvarna to bring garbage to barge while also
  • taking accumulated wood up the hill for storage
  • return with barge loaded with road trailer and all (hopefully) garbage

I have started making arrangements for the barge for later this week.

Meanwhile the Trail Blazer needs some tweaking.

  • I definitely need to install at least one new hydraulic motor. I will try the cheap one I purchased the other day at Princess Auto and see how that goes.
  • Extend the drive tillers so I do not have to hunch over the controls (little pipes to fit over them should be quick and cheap).
  • Use the 2″ receiver to allow weights to be installed at the back of the machine to counter the weight of the hoe. The machine is quick to tilt forward which causes the blade (or even just the blade mount) to dig in – all the time!


Molly did not go to school todays as she is a bit sick. Helped Maggie get to school. Did some logistics for girls dance – just before attending SAR-12 meeting.


Attended regular Monday meeting in the evening. This one focused on admin. and new volunteers.

Storm, Farm, Friends, Coding

We had a good storm last night. It was predicted to peak at 8pm so around 7:30 I headed to the marina to check on the boat. While I was there I heard several large cracks and booms – large trees coming down. Soon after – the whole place went dark. I decided to head home and get the generator going. I was scooting along at about 60k/hr when, very suddenly, I found myself driving under a fallen tree. The branches brushed the roof of the car. I presume the tree got hung on the power lines (lucky thing for me the Defender). I had no time to react or even slow down. I just carried on. I called it in a few minutes later. They said they would send a crew out. Turns out there were many trees down in our area. A tree even sliced into a house in Tuwanek. Fortunately; nobody was hurt (that I know of).

I went out to the Farm this morning to do a post storm check. The tent was still up and no trees down. The deck chairs on the dock were blown off – but I recovered them. The one thing that does need immediate attention is the bit that holds the ramp to the float. The temp solution, to keep that attached, has now failed. It needs to get fixed before any more foul weather comes in.

Spent almost all of the day coding. I spent a good chunk of yesterday preparing for some coding.

We had friends over for dinner – turkey – yum!

Our German friend spent the day in Vancouver organizing a road trip. I picked him up in Sechelt around 10:30pm.

Morrison Trail Blazer, Storms

Morrison Trail Blazer

Got out to the Farm where we pulled the tender out of the water for the winter. We also fixed the Morrison Trail Blazer left/right hoe drive. So we are back in business as far as clearing the grounds of junk. But with a storm coming we decided to cut the day short and head home.


We have some severe storm warnings happening. This has highlighted the fact that we are down to one, old, generator – and its at the Farm. So I picked up a small Honda. I will probably pick up a second one (like this) at some point because I can then chain two small generators when I need more power and the rest of the time I can keep one at the Farm and the other; on the boat, with travel trailer, or at home.



Land Rover Defender, Tractor

Awoke way too early (4am) and caught the first ferry into Vancouver. The main goal was to get some work done on the Defender. I knew the Defender would be in the garage for the entire day so our German friend hopped in the car and joined me for the trip. This allowed us to do other things/errands while the Defender was being worked on.

The following work was done on the Defender;

  • new, NAS, rear bumper (so I can tow safely – including the travel trailer)
  • new fuel vacumn pump (was leaking)
  • repair to connector at top of fuel tank (was leaking)
  • pair of new brake discs up front
  • oil and filter change
  • new electrical connector for trailer (yet to be installed)


They could not complete all of the work so I came home with a new steering pump (current one is leaking) which I will get installed locally. I will also have to get a couple of metal stays for the rear bumper installed locally (perhaps by self) as the ones ‘in the box’ did not quite fit.

As for the Tractor;

  • new chain links for hoe swivel drive unit (to be installed later)
  • new hydraulic motor for left track drive (to be installed later)


Farm, SAR-12, Family/Friends, Scuba Diving


The tents (the one over the RV and the one at the Farm) were tested by a good wind storm and they held up fine. We lost power for a bit but no real inconvenience. Spent some time at the Farm doing some landscaping. The effort was short lived as I broke a pin in a chain link driving the hoe left/right. The pressure release was so great that it shot the right tiller lever up – hitting my arm like a hammer. I really thought my arm was broken but it appears fine now.

img_20161007_104722 img_20161007_114817I plan to get out to the Farm tomorrow morning to remove that chain so I can arrange a repair.

Did a little winterizing.



I went out for more on-water training for SAR-12. This time I had a chance to play around with the chart plotter for the entire trip.


A group of scuba divers arrived for some wreck diving. That went well. The weather was perfect with very calm seas.



Had a call from Family back in Ontario. Spent thanksgiving with/at friends. We followed this up, the next day, with a drive up Mount Richardson (thanks Defender) and some hiking to special view sites.