Boat, Maisy, Friends

Walked Maisy a couple of times. Valerie and I checked in on a friends house (and their dogs).

I spent most of the day at the marina working with a fabricator. The fuel tank was sucked dry and shopped vac’d to get the bits of aluminum etc out. Clean as a whistle. The access hatches were redone without too much trouble.



IMG_20160825_142046The fuel shutoff valves were adjusted so that the deck hatch can be closed regardless of their position (open or closed). This is needed for fire fighting. I will check to ensure that the hatches no longer leak the next time I top up the fuel.

Cut a section of the railing away and reinstalled the samson post. I struggled to justify it (vs a bridle) but in the end having it was enough to decide to reinstall it.

IMG_20160825_142117IMG_20160825_162936During all of this the electrician showed up to discuss the alarm panel with me. I got ‘schooled’ and will implement his tips in the coming days.

Heading to friends for dinner tonight.

Girls, House Sitting

Valerie took Maggie and Molly (actually joined friends) into Vancouver for some shopping. I stayed behind to work on the boat and look after Maisy/Chickens. Valerie and Molly sleeping at friends (house sitting) tonight.


Spent way too much time pumping the fuel out of the boat and into gas cans so work can start on re-threading the bolt holes for the 2 access hatches and then redoing the gaskets. Something like 145 liters in 5 liter increments. <groan>



Met with an orthopedic specialist today with regard to my right knee. The majour problem is that I have osteoarthritis which will eventually necessitate some kind of knee replacement. I decided that there was no point doing an MRI – I will just wait until it gets bad enough to warrant surgery. I may also have this in my right hand. In both cases there was trauma (broken bones, broken meniscus, broken ligaments). At the moment they are just aching a bit and the knee is definitely preventing me from running but not much else that I care about.

I have also been getting sharp pain from my left shoulder (ie when turning the steering wheel on the truck while backing up). I am thinking possible bursitis – not sure if its anything quite yet – its only happened a few times.

Looks like a physical lifestyle (and some misadventures) are catching up with me – although cycling is still very much a good thing for me to be doing.

Knee, Maisy, Girls, Boat, Land Rover

Slept in a bit then got up and walked Maisy. Did email, news etc for an hour or so then made my way into town for an appointment to have my right knee x-rayed again. This time she did one of my knee cap (camera and knee in different positions than before. Did a quick grocery pickup and returned home where I put pizza in the oven for myself and the rest of the gang. Walked Maisy again and spent some time with the Girls.

I noticed that the Land Rover needed oil so bad that the truck would not start (safety thing). So bought and added some oil and it started up and ran fine. It did it again after dark so I blindly added 1/2 litre and everything seems fine again. Looks like I have a good oil leak somewhere. I will have to look into that. Looks like $1600 (all in) for a NAS rear step bumper so I have asked a local fabricator if he can do it for no more than $1000. He is thinking about it.

I spent a little bit of time on the Boat. I removed all of the bolts from one of the two access hatches on the top of the fuel tank. I did not pop the hatch off yet because I am going to need some bits to put it back on – but I now know the size of the bolts. The plan is to up-size the holes/bolts so that they all can be tightened properly.

Girls having a sleep over at friends and then they are heading to a water park for the day (tomorrow).

Valerie sleeping at a friends house tonight – I am sticking around our house with Maisy tonight but will join her down there in the coming days.

Scuba Diving, Farm

Scuba Diving

Supported another group of divers at the ‘Chaud’. New scuba tank holders failed as the holes were too small. Units back at the fabricators to get sorted. The problem was that the tank boots were not considered. Both dives went very well. The conditions were better (near perfect) for the second group (all very experienced divers).


Up to the Farm for the weekend. Expecting some friends to come by Saturday evening. Waited at the marina – with the girls – while Valerie did a tour of the house for some AirBnB folks. We kept ourselves amused.



I spent most of the day alternating between office stuff and looking after a posse of kids. At one point I headed down to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park with the kids so that there could be some peace in the house for; Valerie, a co-worker and a friend/contractor.

IMG_20160817_123430Around 5pm – with some of the kids gone – Valerie and I agreed to go to a movie (at 7pm). I decided to lay on the couch and watch some TV. I fell asleep. When I awoke I saw Valerie with a smile on her face – I assumed that Maggie and Molly were around the corner with a birthday cake. So I got down on my knees and tried to counter any surprise with a surprise of my own. But instead of Maggie and Molly – it was a kitchen full of friends and food and loads of kids! Seriously did not see that coming AT ALL. Thanks everyone!


Had 2 scuba tank holders made up. These install nicely on the floor rails. Plenty of space remains in the cabin so I could even install 2 benches *with* the tank holders. But I think the extra room is nice for diving. I am already thinking about a ‘module’ for a ‘head’. I can see the potential for modules for cabin cruising but not sure that will happen. More likely to start thinking about kitting out for fishing charters. The idea is that this boat can be quickly configured for a wide variety of uses. At its core – its a crew boat or water taxi.

IMG_20160816_173711 IMG_20160816_173719IMG_20160816_173737

Boat, Maisy, Chickens, Girls, Knee


Returned tools to the boat and spent a few more sessions with it. The trim is done – not yacht style but respectable crew boat style. I am happy with it. The boat is getting some use as a dive boat so I have asked for 2 scuba tank holders to be made for it. They may double as supports for sleeping bunks – will see. The main thing is that I can easily remove two benches and replace with tank holders using the in-floor rail system – and then easily return the benches as needed. Nice!


As usual; spent time looking after Maisy and the Chickens.


I picked up the girls in Langdale. They had a great trip in San Diego. For Valerie it was mostly about work and for Maggie/Molly it was mostly about ‘surf camp’. For all it was about spending time with friends. Here are two pictures of Tess, Nate, Molly and Maggie. One was taken about 10 years ago and the other during this trip.

2006-TessNateMollyMaggie2016-TessNateMollyMaggieObviously they are trying to mimic the original poses.


My right knee ACL repair from 1986 expired over the last year or so. The initial x-ray showed arthritis but I suspect some rework is needed. So a referral went out and today I booked an appointment for a new x-ray and a chat with a specialist.