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With friends for a birthday dinner last night.


One last flurry of girls sleeping over and hanging out (not ‘play dates’ anymore). March break is finally over and we can get back to a regular routine. Seems like forever since the girls were in school. Valerie getting ever more excited about upcoming travel.

Sechelt Marine Web Site

Have been through a new, basic, web site for Sechelt Marine and then a steady run of improvements focused around making it look ok on a variety of devices. The whole web site content is in a single file – index.html. I also avoided (other than the logo) having text in graphics. This should make Google happier. Need to discuss my AdWords campaign with Google but other wise all ok for now. I can put this aside.

Sechelt Marine I

Cleaned out the bilge.

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Sechelt Marine

My google promotion is not going well. I have decided to replace the WordPress web site with simple static content. This should not be a problem because the content is not likely to change much and there is not much of it to begin with. The challenge is just making it look nice (not really my thing). This will allow me to tweak meta data and insert google friendly snippets easily. I then need to break out (or recreate) the google business account from my personal account (which are basically the same thing as I do not use the personal google stuff much at the moment).

Marine Search And Rescue

Out on a night training run last night. The seas were not scary but certainly rough enough to be interesting. Chart plotter and radar work for the most part.


The girls have been splitting their time between friends and just hanging out with each other. Avoiding their request to simply roam around town (wild). Instead; directed them to the pool.

Molly went clean crazy last night – totally sorted the kitchen and then some. Nice! Maggie is starting to think about school work – should be on to a project today. Valerie working away at her computer/phone and planning details of our trip in May.


Working on the Farm plan again. Finally. Looking at ways to simplify. This needs to get moving.

Land Rover Defender

The truck and the travel trailer are still with the mechanic – waiting on a part.

Schooner, Farm, Girls


Feeling pretty down about missing an opportunity to by a nice schooner. This has me rethinking selling ‘Sechelt Marine I’ (not that it was need for the schooner purchase).


Refocusing time on the new Farm plan – getting the Province the details they need.


March break seems to be full of sleep overs. The travel trailer is still getting sorted.

Sechelt Marine I, Friends

Sechelt Marine I

The morning was centered on tripping up to Storm Bay to pickup some folks and bring them back to civilization. The afternoon was about taking a few scuba divers out.




Valerie made dinner for many. Maggie and Molly each have friends over for the night. We invited friends for dinner.

Defender & Travel Trailer, About Town, Maisy/Chickens

Defender & Travel Trailer

We have to defer our trial of the Travel Trailer as the Defender and the Trailer have to stay with the local mechanic longer. The Defender is going to get 2 new u-joints and a new relay to make the break lights work again. The Trailer needs some serious sorting out with regard to the exterior lighting and break actuator.

I have also been making arrangements with British Classic Auto, in Vancouver, for some upgrades such as; roof rack, new light switch on steering column, new wiper arms & blades, and possibly upgrade on suspension. These upgrades can wait for a month or two.

About Town

We did some tourist stuff in Vancouver and then met friends for dinner.


We stopped in for some more shopping on the way home. First Costco (mostly food) and then the Park Royal Mall (mostly clothes for the girls). We made it home by late afternoon.


Picked up Maisy from friends – she was super excited to be with her ‘pack’ again. I took her down the marina to check on the boat while also letting her get a bit of a stroll in. Meanwhile the girls let the chickens out for a stretch. Unfortunately; a Bobcat got one of the chickens.


We had dinner at friends.


The family back together at last. Between my SAR training and Valerie’s business travel – its been 2 weeks! Unfortunately; Nana returns to Ontario today. Even still – we can enjoy a few days in Vancouver based out of the Hyatt Regency. Dinner at the Cactus Club last night. A bit of a younger dating/socializing scene – of which I am so very removed from – but the food was great.

With any luck we can get out in the Travel Trailer for a few days upon our return home. Nice weather approaching.

Purchased 2 iPhone v6 for M&M yesterday. Nana paid for $100 each for pre-paid calling / texting. Maggie was pretty good at metering out her phone time at $200/year and I hope Molly can do the same or better. They just use WiFi. We will see.

Travel Trailer, Spring

Travel Trailer

Pulled it out and found the Defender riding quite low in the rear. Ooops – water tank is full. Even still; I think I may need to find a way to stiffen the rear suspension.

Defender pulled it up the hills with ease. Nice! But nothing fast about this rig. The whole thing at the mechanics to get the hitch wiring sorted. Also; noticed a squeeling coming from either engine or front right quarter – something needs sorting there as well.

Tucked one of the utility trailers under the cover to help keep it from blowing away.


Temperature in the double digits (just). Time to kick open the office door.

Travel Trailer, Boat, Girls, Maisy

Travel Trailer

Spent some time preparing to move the Travel Trailer… its ready to pull out but I have to get a different hitch for the truck as the ones I have here drop too much.


Fueled up Sechelt Marine I.


Nana took M&M to movie in the afternoon. I took Maggie to dance later in the day. I let the chickens out for a prolonged stretch (nice day) and M&M rounded them back up later.


Walked Maisy with Nana in the morning and I got her out again a couple more times later.


Girls, Maisy/Chickens, Sechelt Marine, RCM SAR


Maggie had a ‘mock exam’ at the dance academy this morning. Aside from that the Girls (including Nana) hung out around the house. Nana seems to be rounding the corner with her cold. Valerie is still in San Diego. I bet she is missing the girls right about now.


I got Maisy out for a couple of walks and tended to the chickens.

Sechelt Marine

Some folks I know had a problem with their boat. They could not solve it so they hired me to take them to their recreational property in Storm Bay. I will be picking them up at 10am on Sunday morning. Coincidentally I will also be taking some scuba divers out on Sunday. It should all work out. I stopped by the Farm along the way to see how things are. All is good.

I was surprised by how many crew boats were out there.


Finally got out to a Monday night meeting. I think I have missed the last three.

Girls, Trailer, Boat


Molly went from one sleep over to another. Maggie is at home and has 2 friends over for a sleep over. Nana made dinner (butter chicken). Touched-base with Valerie (last night) via phone and she seemed pretty tired so we kept it short.


A guy came to buy the Tidy Tank and we worked out a deal where he took the Tidy Tank and left the trailer. So I have to decide what to do with at least one of the utility trailers – I do not need two. The money for the Tidy Tank is to go to 2xiPhones for the girls.


I got out on ‘Sechelt Marine I’ to practice with using the chartplotter and radar work. I was joined by a friend from RCM SAR.