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I painted the aluminum base for the controls flat-black to match the dash – looks good. Filled the fuel up in preparation to calibrate the fuel sensor/display. I have to burn at least 5 gallons of fuel (I will do at least twice that) and then tell the computer/display how much fuel I used. I will also look for slow leaks in the fuel system given that its going to sit for a day-or-two max full. Added labels to the fuel lines to indicate where the fuel lines are and to indicate open/closed positions. This is a MoT requirement.



Maisy had a c-section. Her pushing was never going to produce a puppy because she only had one in her belly and it was too big to pass – it was also dead. We had he fixed while they were in there doing the c-section. So she is out-of-sorts – stitches down her belly, a cone around her head to prevent her from messing with the stitches, and most certainly some emotional distress. She has started to drink, eat and walk about – so ‘on the mend’. No proper sleep (for me) for the last few days but last night was much better than then the 3 prior.img_20160927_193037


Attended a SAR-12 meeting last night – it was the AGM. Great turn out, changing of leadership, new members, and positive vibes.


Time to really focus on the updates (more details requested from Province) to the Farm plan (get them done).


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Maisy is ready to give birth. She has been pushing for hours… everyone waiting.


Brought the boat back to its home in Tillicum Bay Marina on Saturday. The trip was uneventful. Travel time was 45 min from Secret Cove to Egmont (3600RPM for 27knots). The trip from Egmont to Tillicum Marina was 30 min (3600rpm for 27knots).

The repairs were mostly complete. The new controls are a bit stiff and I am hoping that they loosen up.

img_20160925_091622I am getting a value for my fuel sensor on VesselView but I have to calibrate.

The trim switches seem to only put the legs down so I have to look into this. (Ed. turns out I had to push harder on the down – to engage legs up for trailering)

I told the mechanic to leave a mess and not to button things up – that I would do it. I spent an hour or so doing this and I think its pretty much back to be presentable.



Moved out of my summer office and into my winter office – its getting too cold to be in the out-building.img_20160925_173629

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Spent most of the afternoon hanging out at the marina with the mechanic who is working on the WaterTaxi. He worked past his go-home-time by 1.5 hours and got it ready. I will have to leave him a tip. Bringing the boat back to its home marina tomorrow. Spent this evening doing night navigation training with RCM SAR 12.


Winter Rains (and Snow)

Getting ready for winter…

img_20160923_122704Put up an old carport tent and raised it 4′ (using 6’x1 7/8″¬†galvanized fence post). Probably could have raised this by just 2′ but same effort to do 4. I have to order a new top (probably from ShelterLogic) and stiffen/fix frame so it does not blow away.

img_20160923_122010The travel trailer will be a winter project as it needs some work (primarily a new floor).

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Helped Molly and Maggie get to school. Molly got a ride from a friend and Maggie got the bus just 20m from the house. Wow! Feels weird having this extra time in the morning. A different friend has Molly & Maggie for dinner. Valerie picking 3 girls up for their second round of dance today.

Travel Trailer

Ran some errands to get new propane tanks, new batteries, new smoke/o2 alarm, and new kitchen fire extinguisher. I also organized the documentation that came with the trailer. I spent some time seeing how stuff is wired and plumbed – knowing I was going to be connecting propane/batteries and testing everything. I was surprised to find that RV 12v uses Black/White but that White is ground! In my case; I found Red/White with White as ground so a bit less confusing – but still! In the marine 12v world I bend over backwards to use Red/Black and sometimes a substitute colour for Red – but Black is always ground. Anyway; I fab’d up two new/skookum cables to connect the batteries together and then connected them to the trailer. I noticed that the propane fume detector was not fully connected – will have to look at that.

2 new deep cycle batteries

2 new deep cycle batteries

batteries button'd up

batteries button’d up

2 new propane tanks ready to use

2 new propane tanks ready to use

propane button'd up

propane button’d up

cover with tent or build car port?

cover with tent or build car port?


Of course the bumper upgrade for the Defender is now a priority because of the Trailer purchase. To this end I have sent reminder pictures to the mechanic in Vancouver so we can have a bumper on-hand when I bring the vehicle in.

NAS solution for trailer hitch - do not do this!

NAS solution for trailer hitch – do not do this!


Did my daily visit to the boat to check on progress. I was very pleased to see the mechanic working on. It seems the last part (new/proper gaskets for fuel tank access hatches) came in. I should have the boat by the end of the day on Friday. The bill is going to be ‘killer’ but all of the work is ‘top drawer’ and the extra stuff really did need addressing now and not later.

The boat has its ‘Blue Decal’ – I just need to label the fuel lines and fuel valves.img_20160920_140559

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Valerie and I both spent time on accounting today.


Molly has been assigned an age appropriate class.


Maggie and I watched a movie together this evening.

SAR 14

Run out to Horseshoe Bay (SAR 1) on SAR 14’s new boat was fun.


Travel Trailer

Tripped out to Gibson’s to get cash for Travel Trailer and then way up the coast the other way to pay for it. Owner will deliver it tomorrow at 6pm. Still waiting for price on new bumper for towing with the Defender.


Stopped to check in on the boat – nothing happening there as final part had not arrived yet – hopefully tomorrow.


Farm, RCM SAR, Girls


Did some more work on requested details for the Farm plan. Feeling quite backed up with admin stuff at the moment.


Night navigation training last night with Dave and Rick. It was a wonderful evening with, mostly, calm seas. This allowed us to practice a variety of skills such as; using the radar and chartplotter/gps for night navigation, crew communication, and identifying lit and unlit navigational fixtures.

The girls are getting ready for a trip to the swimming pool and I am getting ready to head out on RCM SAR 14’s new boat.

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Spent time fleshing out yet more detail on proposal.


Valerie and I drove up and down the Coast today. We; met with the Principle at Molly’s school, drove Molly (and friend) to friends house for a play-date, bought a used travel trailer and checked on the boat.


We were treated to dinner out by German friends.

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Volunteered some time today to help support the RCM SAR 12 recruitment drive. A bit of time setting up at 8am and then again at 5pm. The event was open from 6-8pm but I managed to get to the high school to sign-out an instrument for Molly (trumpet). ‘Sign-out’ is really renting. I think soon we will be renting the chairs the kids sit on.


I (boat) missed out on stepping into a crew boat gig (for a week or two) because it is still ‘in the shop’. However; it seems all parts will be in by Monday (the main delay). The boat should be done soon after that.


The girls are doing fine. We send them off to school every morning with the hope that they get a fair shake. Trying to teach them our values of tolerance and understanding – of collaboration being more important than competition – of the importance of being able to trust people to be good (at least most of the time). And above all to have the self confidence and strength to walk this path.


Puppy’s soon – possibly a week away.


Boat, Girls


Received MMSI number… probably get it programmed into the radio sometime today. Submitted application for ‘Blue Decal’. Boat is waiting on new control cables (coming from Wisconsin) and digital transom harness. Done by Wednesday with any luck – will see.


Not happy about the class Molly has been placed in. The class has many kids 2 years younger than her so not age appropriate. We have asked for her to be moved to a different class but will not hear back until the end of the week. This happened with Maggie (last year as I recall) and we had her switched. It would seem that the kids get placed into a class tentatively for a week while parents lobby for their kids to be moved (or not) and then the actual class assignments come out. We just assumed that the teachers would make a reasonable choice and we would go with it. Pain.