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Sechelt Marine, Friends

Sechelt Marine Took some contractors out and then returned to get them at the end of the day. It was a bit rough crossing Salmon Inlet but otherwise event-less trip. Farm I managed to spend most of the day working on the updated Farm plan – while hanging out on the boat. Checked on a […]


Putting together more details for the plan for the Farm. Spending way too much time in graphics programs where I truly have no business being (so time consuming). Went through 7 years of photos to sift out some of the Farm (there is most of a day right there). Here is a picture I took […]

SAR-12, Girls, Office, Sechelt Marine Services, Land Rover Defender

SAR-12 Two more on-water training sessions with SAR-12 this week. Girls The usual routine with the girls – although a little less as I was doing some SAR-12 training 3 evenings this week. Office Bookkeeping, filing and general office administration caught up. I just need to stay on top of the bookkeeping moving forward so […]