Work Boat, Alder II, Girls, Maisy

Got off to a late start today… day did not really get underway until close to 11am. Aside from walking Maisy – I worked on the work-boat. I visited the co-owner and saw his progress with the hydraulic pump etc (wow!). So I ran out to get fluids. Hydraulic fluid for the hydraulic pump and hydraulic fluid for the steering. I also ordered a new oil filter for the hydraulic pump.

I decided to head out to the work boat but found the front door of the house needed attention. I happened to have a new door handle in the garage and I started to install it. Checked the time and realized that it was going to be dark soon (days are so short). So I headed to the marina. On the way there I decided to swap the work-boat and the Alder II. This took a bit of time and had me rowing back to the marina (from Sandy Hook) in pitch black of night.

2014-12-22 001

2014-12-22 004

Hopefully the Alder II can return to her home in 7 days or less.

Went into town for 7pm for the weekly marine search and rescue meeting but soon realized it was not happening this week. Picked Molly up from a play date and then wrapped Christmas presents with Maggie.

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